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Bushings **UPDATE***

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I finally took the car to the garage and told them there was a problem with the car. The guy takes it for a ride and tells me there NOTHING wrong with the car at all. He took a pry bar to all the areas where the bushings are. Nothing was loose and the guy wanted me to take my car home. I demanded he take me for a ride in the car. He FINALLY heard the sound. I posted on here about the problem and was told the bushings were probably the problem. Found out the steering rack needs to be replaced. The engine mount bushing needs to be replaced (It was missing!) and the stability bar bushings are hard and need to be replaced. For once in my life, I'm not panicked about the car. We were quoted AROUND (mostly UNDER) $1000 for the full fix. We should get it done by September!
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Good. Once the technician can hear what you are talking about, things will move forward. I'm glad that you were persistent.
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