Yesterday, people posted photos of a badly burned Reliable Carriers trailer holding the remains of what appeared to be three 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demons. At first, there were rumors that the cars were not production units, but test cars. We have since learned that these charred Dodge Demons (two red, one yellow) were intended for paying customers.

The confirmation that these 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demons were headed for new owners came from a post from one of the affected buyers, by member Demon221 :
"I just got a call from Tim Kuniskis, and it was not to tell me how great my red Demon looked. My car #221 is one of the two redline cars in the pictures. Burnt to a crisp!! Totally destroyed!!! My Demon was built on Friday the 13th and burnt up on Halloween. He called to let me know the 3 cars that went up in flames are going to be quickly rebuilt. He also informed me that the once a VIN number is created it cannot be duplicated again. The good news is the cars that burnt are all getting lower VIP numbers. My new number is #102. I actually think this turned out to be a great story! I was shaking when I got off the phone with him but I am really excited about the story I can tell with my demon. Tim also wanted me to let everyone know the fire was caused by the car transporter not the cars. He assured me there are no problems with the demons fuel system and asked if I would pass that info on."
I was more than a little skeptical. It seemed unlikely that someone as busy as Dodge boss Tim Kuniskis would handle something like calling a customer with bad news, but an FCA representative confirmed that he did indeed contact each of the buyers of these three Demons.

When the images of the burned Demons first popped up online, many of the people who have a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in red or yellow on order were panicked, wondering if they would lose out on their chance to buy the 840 hp muscle car. After all, production of the car is limited to 3,300 units for the US and Canada, so if all 3,300 are spoken for by either private buyers or dealerships, three buyers wouldn’t get their cars — but the information from the phone call with the head of the Dodge brand confirms that these people will still get their new Mopar muscle cars. FCA has confirmed that they will still deliver 3,300 Demons, adding three new VINs.

This move by Tim Kuniskis is unprecedented in the auto industry and it shows that the Dodge brand is going the extra mile to ensure the best possible customer service. The automaker could have easily had some faceless, low-paid intern or a dealership employee call the buyers with the bad news, but instead, the head of the company made the call in an effort to assure the customers that their cars would be replaced and delivered as originally planned. In doing so, not only did Tim Kuniskis put the buyers’ minds at ease a bit, but the information from his phone call will help to curb all of the nonsensical rumors traveling around the internet in referenced to the burned 2018 Demons. Talk about excellence in customer service in the face of an unfortunate incident, turning an awful story into a much brighter story for the people involved. Their cars might be coming a little later than expected, but they are still coming and that is the important part of this story.

We have reached out to Reliable Carriers for a comment but we have not yet heard back. Should any information be provided by the trucking company, we will update this piece.

-UPDATE- We heard back from Reliable Carriers and they offered the following official comment:
At this time the situation is under a forensic investigation and no determination had been made.
Image Source: Cleveland Power and Performance Facebook Page