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Buying a Cruiser

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I have wanted a PT Cruiser since they were introduced. Now since I have bought a motorhome and want a "toad", I'm finding that the Cruiser with a 5 speed is a good choice. Not the best, but very doable.

My best choice in my area right now is a 2001 with 127k miles. The only issue I can find - other than it is somewhat sluggish - is it looks like it needs motor mounts. That could even be contributing to the sluggishness. From my research, it seems the upper and lower is easy enough, but the middle mount is a bear. The seller is telling me the timing belt and other issues (including replacing "a" motor mount) and the car is in great condition. Of all I've looked at, this is the only one with a sunroof.

I will consider all advice.

Glenn in TN
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A good service manual will help make maintainence and repairs easier. The engine compartment is cramped and access to some items is easier from the RF wheelwell and underneath than the top.
It's a very versatile car. I average 27 mpg with mine. Just keep in mind you are buying a 12 year old car with 120+K miles on the clock. Average for its age. Check lower control arm bushings and front wheel bearings. These seem to be common wear items on the PT.
There should be ground straps present from the front struts clipped to the inner fender sheetmetal. Without these, front wheel bearing life can be shortened.
The PT Cruiser weighs quite a bit and the 2.4l motor is a bit underpowered for the weight so it will seem a bit

The maintenence schedule calls for the tieming belt to be replaced at 100K miles so it is likely needed. Replace the
waterpump at the same time.

The spark plugs should be replaced every 30k miles and the wires every 60k miles. Could be the plugs and wires
need replacing. I went with a platinum plug so I could both every 60K miles.

Hope this helps,

Gerry G.
I forgot I posted this some time back. I did buy a 2005 PT Cruiser that sprung up at City Auto here in Memphis. They are a reputable (albeit still used car) lot. It is a convertible with 5 speed manual so I can tow it behind our motorhome.

Now the bad news. It shut down on us after some driving yesterday just hours after buying it. Literally 5 hours after I took them the title to our F350. Our local Autozone pulled up about 12 different codes on it. This morning I took the battery cables loose to clear any old codes that might have been showing and so far it is running fine. The battery terminals where corroded so now I'm hoping that's all it was. Usually not my luck.
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