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That's really nice Convertible!
Although they weren't "perfect" to deal with...I bought my "Green with Envy" Dodge Challenger SRT8 HEMI from MOTO EXOTICA about 7 years ago !
From OKCity, I flew into St. Louis, and they picked me up at the airport.
Did the deal, and drove her home.
BOY DID I LOVE THAT CAR FOR 5 YEARS....and did custom air brushed stripes (took off the vinyl ones.).
I few pictures of her. But, at my age I got to driving crazy, and very tired of car shows. So, I sold her to a couple in Colorado.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Window
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Window

Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate Tire Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Tire Car Vehicle Wheel Land vehicle

Motor vehicle Car Car seat cover Automotive design Vehicle door

Green Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Car

OH DANG!!!! NOW I'M HOME SICK AGAIN!!!!! :sneaky::sneaky::sneaky:

203 Posts
Oregon PT,

I see ads with PT Convertibles all the time.
I will post you some links as I see them for a week or two.
And, I will note if they are reasonably close to you.

Just a side note....I HAVE HAD good luck locating my PTs via Auto Trader, Gurus, etc.
I would think that there would be a lot for sale in Kal-E-Fornica.
My vert that I have now I picked up in Antioch, near SF.
Got propositioned twice on the way back to Okieland.
At my age, it's always nice to know that you aren't "objectionable".
(Even if you are car broke!)

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If you ever intend to upgrade your turbo engine for more HP it's wise to stick with the getrag heavy duty 5spd. Even modified PT auto trannies will fail once you push 260 to 280 HP. I used to run a big turbo 5 speed GT and the 5spd had no problems handling 340 HP.
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