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Cabin Air Filter - does it have one or not?

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2010 Challenger SRT - the owners manual says check it / replace it - if equipped.
The service manual description says "all models are equipped with a particulate air filter".
I don't see one where its supposed to be.
The Charger has one and the manual description seems to be the same - easy to find on the Charger - but it looks to me like the Challenger does not have one.
Anyone know if its supposed to? the cowl set up looks completely different.
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Thanks - I am just as happy not to have one - for me its a bit of a gimmic - although it might keep leaves out of the heater fan which has happened to me but other than that I don't feel its required.
I should clarify - the plastic cowl screen has the door and slot for the filter same as the Charger - but under the door it looks nothing like the Charger. The filter is real obvious / easy to find in the Charger.
The Challenger is on the hoist for the winter now so I'll have another look in the spring when it comes back down.
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