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Cabin 'Whistle' heard above 55mph in our '05 T &C ?

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Our newest addition to the Mopar fleet has made a weird 'whistle' from day one. At above 55mph a high pitch whistle is heard. The loudness of the whistle corresponds to the engine rpm. For example, cruising at 65mph the whistle is high pitched and constant. I let off the accelerator and the tone of the whistle lowers alittle as does the loudness. I would say it is coming from the front dashboard, driver's side. But with the acoustics of the cabin it is hard to really determine. With the radio on it cannot be heard. But alittle annoying while quiet.
The van has 73K miles.
I'm thinking this is a needle in the haystack but thought maybe someone else out there has had the same issue? Thanks
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· Virginia Gentleman
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Just a wild guess, but does your T&C have a roof rack with the cross bars? Sometimes the position of the crossbar creates a whistling sound.

Just my 2 cents.
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