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Hello Folks,

I've been a Mopar fan, owner and enthusiast since 1986 and have owned nothing but Mopar since, so I thought I'd start here asking a few questions about the thread title.

About a year ago I took possession of a 1970 Plymouth Superbird from a neglected collection. The car had been mostly restored and the final restoration/assembly was completed by the 2nd shop. Some history came with the car, but extremely limited. All I know is the car was last titled in 1997 and I've been the owner since last year, Sept 2019. I've joined a few winged warrior pages/clubs and was handed some ownership history on this car. A gentleman in California and his Father tracked the winged cars and some of their history. When I sent him the VIN of this car, he fired back some interesting and shocking facts. Firstly, when I took possession of this car, the clock read just over 49000 miles. This was questionable, but believable I suppose. The numbers matching and complete 440/4bbl/4-speed and Dana 60 were and are still installed. Everything underneath still looks 50+ yrs old.....but the facts that were sent to me from the gentleman in California were sobering.

Evidently the records show this was a Cal Gas salesman's Superbird that was equipped with 45 gallon propane bottle(s) & aftermarket A/C. The cars options were described to the "T". The most shocking fact in large print was by 3-10-76 the car had 140,000 miles on it....huh! Right!

Well, here I sit now wondering what and where Cal Gas is...well, California liquid Gas Corporation I'm unable to locate. I was hoping to see / hear from anyone that might have heard of this car and the supposed 3 other Superbirds Cal Gas owned/equipped for LPG! I've heard and read about the Propane Powered 1969 Daytona, but nothing official regarding the 4 Superbirds, aka LPG Birds.....

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. This car is Alpine White, black interior, buckets & console shift.

Thanks so Much in advance! Mopar or No Car!!

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