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Caliber Concept - Show car

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum, am involved with Chrysler at many levels for many years, including design and manufacturing of many OEM parts since the early 60s, (currently 20 on Grand Cherokee, 5 on Minivan) and look forward to sharing information both ways with the forum.

Right now I need some advice on how to market a concept-show caliber that was done by a major supplier at a cost of over one million dollars development cost. This car was done in 2007, did the auto car shows, was put on display, and then mothballed. I acquired it, made it street legal again, and now want to sell it. The Caliber is an attention getter, with paint that changes colors as you walk around it, 22" wheels, carbon fiber new body panels all around, LEDs front and back combined with a Alpine sound system, MP-3 dual inputs, shaved rear doors, Lambo front doors, detailed engine compartment, dual exhaust , custom interior, etc. Total milage is 137. A new car and part of Chrysler history. This car does have an interesting concept history, and has plenty of development paperwork to show what direction Chrysler was heading with Caliber for 2008, but then the economy crashed, and the whole program for this concept was mothballed. If you are interested, send an email and I will send pics.

I manufacture seals, gaskets, sound deadening, trim, protective film etc and have lots of tales concerning parts in these areas. Ever wonder how Dodge Challenger chrome nameplate logos stay on a car? I provided the adhesive transfer system back in the 70s, and still supply new and service parts yet today. Also make lots of parts for GM, Ford, Packard, AMC, Toyota (4000 sunvisors a day for the Camry) , not exactly looking for more parts to make, just willing to share a life time of history involved in the auto industry. In a world wide economy, it is a lot tougher to be an auto parts manufacturer, believe me. Share your thoughts.....
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Welcome to Allpar. I have a 2007 SXT and was given the car after mom stopped driving. It needed some work at 18,000 miles that I didn't think a car should need yet like tie-rod ends, ball joints, struts and tires.
The interior plastic was pre-maturely aged and the seat cloth was pilling badly, even on the seats that weren't used.
I don't mind the CVT, but would prefer a stick.
My first impression of the car was 'Aries wagon'.
Aside from that the car has been a good car lately and I am adding things to get it the way I like it.
Pretty much the whole corporation was tumbling down in 2007/2008. Morale took a hit and there was no money for fixing or marketing anything. After introduction, there was little that could save the Caliber. The package wasn't great, but it wasn't that bad.
I've used the 110v AC receptacle a couple of times, the refrigerated glovebox works as well as the rear dome light flashlight. I would have rather that the money was spent on better quality materials.
The chassis looks based on a Mitsubishi and I know that Daimler cut off the money that would have made the car shine.
Compact 4-cylinder cross-overs should have done better than they did. The closest competitor may have been the Vibe/Matrix which I see a lot more of on the road.
The Caliber R/T was very nice, but were hard to find.
I remember the tint-shifting paints like Driftwood in the mid-90's.
A million dollar investment into a concept Caliber is something that I would like to see!
You may want to post an ad for it below in the 'Cars for Sale' section.

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It's a beautiful Caliber. I've seen the pictures that were posted on another forum where I'm a member. If I had the cash, I'd buy that thing just because of how different it is. That and the fact that I miss my Caliber.

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Thanks for the suggestion regarding the 'Cars for sale ' section. The car itself could be a sign, it is such an attention-getter.

My neighbor is a design engineer for Chrysler and did most of the work on the interior of the PT Cruiser, then was sent to Germany to work on the Caliber interior. I need to find out more details, but they sure had a lot of fun testing Vipers on the Autobaun!

Speaking of Vipers, I make a few parts for them, the most notable the exhaust manifold gaskets and the seals between the fenders and firewall. Early on, when Chrysler engineering was still at the old AMC HQ, I had a chance to test drive a Viper with one of the engineers. The car of course was very fast, but the interior seemed to be an afterthought. Door trim sort of fell off when I closed the door. I snapped it back in place. The one I drove was bright red.
Two days after I drove it, I got a package in the mail. It was a piece of red body panel. "Hey Lee, thought you would want a piece of the car you drove the other day, the next guy wrapped it around a telephone pole. They treated it as a joke. I saw it later, what a complete mess!

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I'd be interested in what you have regarding the Caliber in general and this specific Caliber.

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We traded in our '08 Caliber SXT when we found out that Chrysler was dropping it, and when we had drive-by wire problems and system failure!
That was a very expensive experience that I do not want ever again!
We put over 90,000 trouble-free miles on ours before the drive-by wire failure. I had been informed to expect trouble from the CVT tranny, but never had any problems with it.
Our only other negative was, we needed more room for a bigger dog crate!
Overall, we had a very good experience with this car. When I originally went shopping to down-size, one of the musts was that the second-row seat had to fold flat and level with the floor.
Only two vehiles met that demand --- a Chevy HHR and the
Dodge Caliber! We chose the Caliber for its flexibility and many other features as well.
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