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We traded in our '08 Caliber SXT when we found out that Chrysler was dropping it, and when we had drive-by wire problems and system failure!
That was a very expensive experience that I do not want ever again!
We put over 90,000 trouble-free miles on ours before the drive-by wire failure. I had been informed to expect trouble from the CVT tranny, but never had any problems with it.
Our only other negative was, we needed more room for a bigger dog crate!
Overall, we had a very good experience with this car. When I originally went shopping to down-size, one of the musts was that the second-row seat had to fold flat and level with the floor.
Only two vehiles met that demand --- a Chevy HHR and the
Dodge Caliber! We chose the Caliber for its flexibility and many other features as well.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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