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Caliber Concept - Show car

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum, am involved with Chrysler at many levels for many years, including design and manufacturing of many OEM parts since the early 60s, (currently 20 on Grand Cherokee, 5 on Minivan) and look forward to sharing information both ways with the forum.

Right now I need some advice on how to market a concept-show caliber that was done by a major supplier at a cost of over one million dollars development cost. This car was done in 2007, did the auto car shows, was put on display, and then mothballed. I acquired it, made it street legal again, and now want to sell it. The Caliber is an attention getter, with paint that changes colors as you walk around it, 22" wheels, carbon fiber new body panels all around, LEDs front and back combined with a Alpine sound system, MP-3 dual inputs, shaved rear doors, Lambo front doors, detailed engine compartment, dual exhaust , custom interior, etc. Total milage is 137. A new car and part of Chrysler history. This car does have an interesting concept history, and has plenty of development paperwork to show what direction Chrysler was heading with Caliber for 2008, but then the economy crashed, and the whole program for this concept was mothballed. If you are interested, send an email and I will send pics.

I manufacture seals, gaskets, sound deadening, trim, protective film etc and have lots of tales concerning parts in these areas. Ever wonder how Dodge Challenger chrome nameplate logos stay on a car? I provided the adhesive transfer system back in the 70s, and still supply new and service parts yet today. Also make lots of parts for GM, Ford, Packard, AMC, Toyota (4000 sunvisors a day for the Camry) , not exactly looking for more parts to make, just willing to share a life time of history involved in the auto industry. In a world wide economy, it is a lot tougher to be an auto parts manufacturer, believe me. Share your thoughts.....