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Welcome to Allpar. I have a 2007 SXT and was given the car after mom stopped driving. It needed some work at 18,000 miles that I didn't think a car should need yet like tie-rod ends, ball joints, struts and tires.
The interior plastic was pre-maturely aged and the seat cloth was pilling badly, even on the seats that weren't used.
I don't mind the CVT, but would prefer a stick.
My first impression of the car was 'Aries wagon'.
Aside from that the car has been a good car lately and I am adding things to get it the way I like it.
Pretty much the whole corporation was tumbling down in 2007/2008. Morale took a hit and there was no money for fixing or marketing anything. After introduction, there was little that could save the Caliber. The package wasn't great, but it wasn't that bad.
I've used the 110v AC receptacle a couple of times, the refrigerated glovebox works as well as the rear dome light flashlight. I would have rather that the money was spent on better quality materials.
The chassis looks based on a Mitsubishi and I know that Daimler cut off the money that would have made the car shine.
Compact 4-cylinder cross-overs should have done better than they did. The closest competitor may have been the Vibe/Matrix which I see a lot more of on the road.
The Caliber R/T was very nice, but were hard to find.
I remember the tint-shifting paints like Driftwood in the mid-90's.
A million dollar investment into a concept Caliber is something that I would like to see!
You may want to post an ad for it below in the 'Cars for Sale' section.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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