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Caliber finding parts?

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I have an 07 and I need to find the blower motor relay and how hard to replace? problem number 2 my back window wiper just quit cant find wich fuse to replace? do they make a repair manual
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Welcome to Allpar. There are service manuals out there and the most helpful would be a factory service manual from Chrysler.
My mom no longer drives and I was given her '07 Caliber SXT.
Chiltons, Mitchell, Motor and Haynes can be incomplete or wrong in their information, especially when diagnosing more complex electrical systems. The lack of a CAN-bus scan tool can limit the amount of module diagnostics that you can do at home.
Many components no longer use fuses or relays and are instead controlled by solid-state drivers that protect and can turn things on and off.
Genuine Chrysler service information is copyrighted and factory proprietary and is expensive. Beware of pirate, incomplete or wrong information offers on the internet. Some larger public libraries may have an Alldata subscription or newer auto manuals for loan or copy.
This is just an example, look around:
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