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In my opinion, the reports on gas mileage for the Caliber leave a lot unsaid!
Our first long trip we averaged 28.34 overall --- and we drive fast.
We just returned from a 1751 mile trip. On the drive going, we we only doing 70-75mph, and averaged 32.31mpg.
On the return however, we put our foot into it, sometimes cruising at 90mph! Then the mileage dropped to 24.38mpg.......

We have an '08 SXT with the 2.0L engine, and now have over 46,000 miles on it, with the only problem being a radio display that
does not change in intensity from daylight to when the lights are on. Anybody else have that problem? During the daytime, sunlight can
wash out the display. The dealer fix is to order us a new radio, but since we are out of warranty, it's on us! $$$$$$ - over $350.00!

Trying to open pic attached, but this system doesn't do it!
pick up one off ebay...much, much cheaper.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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