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Well, just to start, you should always replace or turn the rotor when new pads are installed. Always. And do both wheels as a pair.

Brake caliper reconditioning consists of disassembling it (removing the ceramic piston, seals, guides, bleeder screw; sandblasting or soda blasting or some other conditioning to clean the surfaces; measuring clearances to be sure they are in spec; replacing the piston and seals, bleeder screw, guides, etc with new parts.

There is no reason to attempt rebuilding one yourself when they are affordable.

Sounds like they just gave you the wrong part. I'd install the correct one, make sure it looks the same when you bring it home.

It's a good idea to replace the flex hose at the same time. They are a common cause of caliper sticking, because the inner lining deteriorates; the fluid then leaks between the inner and outer lining when you step on the brake, and doesn't easily bleed back when you let up on the brake. So it holds the caliper in the braking position.
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