What can you do with a 15-year-old Dodge Neon? Win races, for one thing — just like people did with new Neons .

Just this month, Chris Greenhouse and Brian Johnson drove their 2001 Dodge Neon SRT4 to victory in the two-wheel-drive class in Québec’s Rally Défi.  With around twenty competitive timed stages,  spanning several towns in the Laurentians and the MRC Papineau, this internationally renowned event is part of the Canadian Rally Championship (CRC) and the North American Rally Cup (NARC).


Chris Greenhouse began as a co-driver in 2005, and switched to primary driving in 2006. He has tallied a remarkable 28 class wins at both the national and regional levels, is a five-time Central Region Group 2 champion, and won the Group 2 Regional Cup Championship in 2009.

Greenhouse recalled, “I was watching TV years ago, I saw cars the size of shoeboxes doing 100 mph down a road the size of a driveway. I said to myself that I just had to find out more about this. I then became a co-driver at 2005 Sno*Drift.”

In 2011, he scored three podium finishes in the Rally America 2WD class, including a stunning, come-from-behind victory at STPR.

“We were in a Group 2 Neon and although we were still running regionals...we scored a third, second and a first in three different national entries.” His most frightening moment was in the Lake Superior Performance rally, when “We did a 360-degree, high-speed spin on Brockway Mountain. But we didn’t hit anything!”

Greenhouse upgraded to an ex-factory Dodge Neon SRT4 in 2012, and continues with his goal of winning the 2WD National Championship.