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Can anyone help me decode my fender tag?

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I spent a couple hrs looking at about 20 different sites and for some of the options i could not get a straight answer. Due to the fact that most of the codes are for 78 only? Hopefully someone can help me decode this. The fender tag is stamped as such:
Y37 Y83 END
M25 M55 N88 N94 P41
A36 G63 G37 H51 L31 L35
TX9 VX3 U 28 B12 B3
TX9 H4X9 000 C02 Q27339
E68 D36 SS22 P8R 183434

I know that the last 13 digits are the vin but the rest is a bit of a mystery. Its a 1978 cordoba can anyone help?
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Here's most of it. I'll look it over again tonight.

Y37 - Conversion center (for t-top conversion)
Y83 - New car service
END - End of codes
M25 - Sill moldings
M55 - T-Bar roof
N88 - Speed control
N94 - ESA w/catalyst (Electronic Spark Advance or Lean Bun)
P41 - Power door locks
A36 - HD package, trailer assist
G63 - RH O/S mirror, remote, crhome conventional
G37 - (I don't think this is valid, probably G73 which is the dual /S mirror, remote, crhome conventional)
H51 - Ac with heater
L31 - Turn signal litght, fender
L35 - Cornering lamps
TX9 - Black paint
VX3 - Black vinyl top (I think)
U - US specs
28 - 28" radiator
B12 - Nov 12 scheduled build date
TX9 - black paint
H4X9 - High grade trim, vinyl split bench seat w/ armrest, black
E68 - 400 4bbl HP
D36 - 727 auto tran
SS22 - Chrysler Cordoba, Special trim, 2 door special coupe
P8R - 400 4bbl HP, 1978, Windor Ontario assembly plant
183434 - Sequential number

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That car is single exhaust too from the factory; only the U Code 440's had duals complete with catalysts in 1978.

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thanks valiant that cleared up quite a bit for me. and sorry the g37 was supposed to be g73 bit of a typo there. and dana 44 thanks for the site but thats one of the many i had tried and didnt answer all of my questions. but it did answer quite a bit more than all the other sites i did find. thanks again guys!
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