FCA Canada sold 22,384 cars and trucks in October 2015, 81 more than last year — a tiny increase of 0.4%, but still the best year-to-date sales in the company’s history and good enough to keep FCA as the top seller of new vehicles in Canada so far this year.

General Motors had a very good month, though, took first place for October.

Jeep sales rose 12% year to date; Cherokee recorded a 43% gain over last October. Wrangler hit an October record with a 10% gain. The new Renegade’s sales were tiny at 312, but above September by 19%.


Ram went up 8% over last October, hitting a new October sales record of 7,502 trucks, including 523 vans.

Year to date, FCA has now sold over a quarter million vehicles in Canada, 1% over the same period in 2014. Year to date, Ram pickups and the Ram brand are both up 9%, Cherokee is up 41%, and Jeep is up 12%.

For the month, Chrysler brand sales plummeted (save for Town & Country), Dodge sales were roughly steady despite a huge loss in Dart sales, and Alfa Romeo managed 12 sales of its sole model, the 4C. Fiat sales fell nearly in half despite the launch of the 500X and the Pope’s ride in a 500L.

FCA Canada appears to have had a 2015 that is extremely similar to 2014, unlike its gangbuster improvements in the United States. However, its market share is far higher “up North,” as the #1 seller of cars; Dodge remains the dominant force in minivan sales and Ram is second only to Ford in trucks.