FCA Canada and FCA México have now reported in with their June sales, marking the midpoint of 2016.

FCA Canada sold 27,776 vehicles sold in June 2016, a 2% increase over June 2015. In the first half, FCA Canada set a record of selling 152,439 vehicles, maintaining FCA Canada’s position as the top-selling automaker in the country. The Ram is the second best seller in Canada and the Caravan is the fourth. There were record June sales for Ram, Caravan, Cherokee, Jeep as a whole, and, though it only sold 374 cars the Challenger.


In Mexico, sales of 8,279 were almost the same as in June 2015. Alfa Romeo sold 32 cars, a June record; Chrysler sold 167; Dodge sold 3,077, up 16% but led by the badge-engineered Dodge Attitude (1,923) and Vision. Fiat went up a little to 801. Jeep rose to 1,137, and Mitsubishi sold 1,181 cars and trucks. Finally, Ram reported 1,884 sales, but more than half of those (1,122) were the Fiat Strada with Ram 700 badges.