FCA Canada reported a sizable sales drop; as in the US, fleet sales fell far more than retail sales.  The retail drop was just 3%, to 19,250; while fleet sales fell by 20%, to 8,123, from April 2016.

Combined, FCA Canada had sales of 27,373 — down 9% from April 2016, but still better than April 2015 (27,572).

As in the US, Ram was the star, with an 11% sales increase — attributed mainly to the Ram pickups and chassis cabs, which rose by 10%, from 8,956 to 9,883. For the year, Ram pickups and chassis cabs are up by around 21 sales, to 31,685. Van sales continue to be small, with under 2,000 sold so far this year.

Jeep had a devastating month, falling by 35%, with every single model dropping — Wrangler was down by 31%, Cherokee by 42%, and Renegade by 47%, and we’re not even getting to the outgoing Compass (62%) or Patriot (53%). Chrysler sales did rise, with the Pacifica stacking up around 530 more sales than the old Town & Country did last year (still only 757, though).

Dodge Dart sales, oddly, doubled; Journey sales were up by 30%, to 1,738. The mainstay Caravan, though, dropped by 21% to 5,013.

Alfa Romeo continues to be a bit player in Canada, with 40 sales (30 Giulias, 10 4Cs). Fiat is not much better, with 435 sales across four different cars — not quite as many sales as the Challenger, Charger, or Patriot.  As usual, FCA Canada’s top sellers were the Ram pickups and chassis cabs and the Caravan, together accounting for 54% of all sales.

In Mexico, FCA reported a year to date increase, to 32,809 total; monthly sales fell from 7,321 in April 2016 to 6,702, a hefty drop. Fiat did set an April record, as did the Mitsubishi Mirage, which is included in the numbers, and the Ram 700 and ProMaster Rapid were the top sellers in their segments.

The biggest sellers appear to be the Dodge Attitude , with 2,262 sales — over one third of the total; the Attitude is a rebadged Mitsubishi Attrage. Mitsubishi-branded cars added 1,042 more sales. Ram was good for 1,659, including 642 Fiat Stradas under the Ram 700 label. Jeep sold 705 vehicles, and Fiat sold 949. Chrysler and Alfa Romeo were bit players, with 59 and 26 sales, respectively.