Chrysler Canada, once the high flyer of Chrysler Group and Fiat Chrysler, has another sales drop, falling below its 2012 numbers for the fourth month in a row, despite a hefty boost in Ram sales.

Jeep sales plummeted by 28% in the Great White North, with the discontinued Patriot leading the percentage-based charge; the largest absolute fall, though, was in the Cherokee, whose sales fell from 2,357 to 1,559 (a 34% drop). The Wrangler and Renegade also fell, by 36% and 48% respectively, while the Grand Cherokee stayed roughly flat. The good news at Jeep was a resurrection of Compass sales, going from 149 to 548 with the launch of the new model.

Chrysler sales fell by 33% as well, with the loss of the 200 and a downturn in Pacificas, though the 300 actually gained (from 64 to 110 cars). At Dodge, sales fell by 10%; every model but the Durango fell. The Caravan, long a Canadian staple (and for some years the best selling vehicle in Canada), only dropped by 2%, to 3,875 minivans, with a temporary production cut likely to blame.

The company also sold 109 Alfa Romeos (up from one, last year), led by the Giulia, and 152 Fiats, led by the 83. Just seven Fiat 500Ls changed hands last month — forty for the year.

Mexican sales grew, with Jeep, Ram, Fiat, and Mitsubishi (which FCA distributes in Mexico) all rising. Jeep’s 42% gain brought sales to 1,411, including 496 Renegades and 477 Grand Cherokees. Dodge sold 2,595 cars, led by the imported/rebadged Attitude (1,524).  Fiat reported 765 sales. Mitsubishi sold 1,580 cars and trucks, and Ram sold 2,065 — including rebadged Mitsubishis and Fiats. Chrysler (48) and Alfa Romeo (29) rounded up the pack.