FCA Canada reported sales of 24,669 cars and trucks, down 14% from July 2015.  Year to date sales are up by just 1.2%, at 178,066.

According to whole-market data from Desrosiers, FCA finished July 923 sales behind Ford but still holds the lead in year-to-date deliveries.

Retail sales were 20,886 — 85% of total sales — and down 16%, in July. Fleet sales (3,783) rose by 2%.


Jeep sales were 53,183 year to date, saving FCA Canada from a YTD shortfall.  The Canadian-built large cars all rose in sales — 300 rising 384%, Challenger up 67%, and Charger up 111%.

Canada’s best-selling minivan, Dodge Grand Caravan, held its position with 4,964 sales, up 6% over one year ago.  The Pacifica is off to a slow start, though, with 272 sold.

July 2016 numbers were calculated in a new way, which is different from the US system because the computer does not allow Canadian dealers to record “unwinds” (essentially, cancelled sales) automatically.  Fleet sales are, however, now only recorded when the vehicle is shipped to the customer or end user.  Using the new figures, July 2015 numbers were marked down from 26,928 as previously reported, to 28,534; a spokesman said the company was still in the process of verifying numbers for other past months.