FCA Canada has just released their July to September sales figures, and the news is good for the quarter, with 60,928 sales versus 51,121 in the same period of 2018. However, for the year to date, FCA Canada is down by 4%, with 178,674 sales.

canada sales

The big sellers Up North are similar to the ones in the US: the Ram pickup (75,324 so far this year, up 11%), Dodge Caravan (down 19% for the year, at 22,216), Jeep Wrangler (down 4% at 20,454), and Grand Cherokee (up 51%, at 15,367).

Canada seems to be a bit more polarized than the US. Chrysler had just 4,949 sales from January to September 2019; both minivans and 300 suffered, by 41% and 44%. Likewise, if you take out the Caravan, Dodge isn’t doing much in Canada; total brand sales were 37,003, year to date, and the Caravan, again, was responsbile for 22,216 of those sales. Toss in the Durango’s 7,682, and you have most of the Dodges; the rest were Chargers, Journeys, and Challengers, in that order, with one leftover Dart and one leftover Viper in the mix.

Alfa Romeo and Fiat together didn't break a thousand; Alfa was the better seller, though it was down 52% from last year. For nine months combined, they sold 578 Alfas—344 Stelvios, 198 Giulias, and 36 4Cs. (In the last quarter, sales were 34% lower than in Q3 2018.) Fiat was only down by 41%, but they sold just 321 cars. Oddly enough, the sales leader was the most fun car—the 124 Spider—with 175 sale (down 26%); the more mainstream 500 had 97 sales (down 58%) and the most mainstream Fiats, the 500X and 500L, mustered up just 49 sales between them.

That leaves Jeep and Ram. At Jeep, the news was good for the quarter (up 19%) and mildly bad for the year (down 5%). The leader, again, was the Wrangler, followed by the Grand Cherokee and Cherokee; the Compass sold half as well as the Cherokee. The Gladiator had its first 1,180 Canadian sales this year; the Renegade joined the Fiats in dullsville with sales down 44% to just 557. (That means they sold over eleven Compasses for each Renegade.)

Over at Ram, the pickups were up 47% for the quarter and 11% for the year, with 75,324 sold; the ProMaster Van was down 29% for the quarter but up for the year at 3,514. The ProMaster City, the most Fiat-y of the Rams, had 681 sales, a hefty increase over last quarter and last year, and enough to beat all Alfa Romeos combined.

The news sounds good, but only part of the story is really told; in the past, Chrysler Canada boosted sales with extraordinarily good deals. Even today, the Charger sells at a discount in Canada compared with the US, by current exchange rates. The proportion of fleet sales was not reported. Still, all else being equal, it was a good quarter and a good year so far.