There is no doubt that 2019 was a great year for Ram in Canadian sales; the pickups/chassis cabs hit 96,763 sales, up 14% from an already good 2018. What’s more, ProMaster vans went up 8% and even the little City gained, from 543 to 725 sold.

Ram was the only FCA Canada brand to make a gain for the year. Jeep fell by 2% despite a new model and two major revisions, Dodge fill be 15%, Chrysler fell by 40%, Fiat by 41%, and Alfa by 47%. With 12 500L and 50 500X sales for the year, one must really ask why Fiat bothers; they did sell 117 500s, and 205 made-by-Mazda 124s, which explains why the lights are still on, but the crossovers are both covered in dust. Alfa Romeo didn’t do well either, with 739 nationwide sales; the Stelvio was by far the leader, with 458 sales.

Over at Dodge, the Caravan, traditionally Canada’s favorite minivan, dropped by 15% (as it did, roughly, in the US) to 27,382. The Journey took a much bigger hit, dropping by 62% to 2,184. Neither is expected to make it to the end of 2020, but the Charger and Challenger, which are, fell by 30% and 10%, respectively.

Overall, the Caravan outsold the next best selling Dodge by around 3:1, and the Durango, the aforementioned #2—with 9,220 sales—outsold the next best (Charger) by roughly 3:1. Both did far better than the Chrysler 300. The Pacifica, with 3,731 sales, possibly including early Voyager sales, was down by 38%, which must be worrying to FCA Canada execs.

Over at Jeep, the Wrangler was by far the top seller, gaining 4% to 25,659—making it the #3 best selling FCA Canada vehicle, after Ram pickups and Caravans. The #2 was the Grand Cherokee, with 19,459 sales, up by a stunning and inexplicable 38%. The Cherokee and Compass, as in the US, were both down (to 14,687 and 7,652, respectively); they sold 1,950 Gladiators and a mere 664 Renegades.

Dealers apparently found a few spare cars in the back lots and sold them—two Vipers, a Dart, and a 200. At least they seem to have sold out of Patriots in 2018.

Mexico: FCA sold 5,629 vehcles in total, including 2,039 Rams (up 6%), 1,598 Dodges (mainly rebadges—Attitude, 819; Neon, 267); 1,123 Jeeps; 711 Fiats; 63 Chryslers; and just five Alfa Romeos.