FCA Canada sold 21,038 vehicles in November 2015, slightly higher (116 sales) than in November 2014. This marginal increase was still good for a year to date sales record, going back through the Chrysler Canada years, and may keep FCA as the country’s largest automaker despite a 13% gain by GM..


Canadian sales this year have been almost identical to last year’s sales for each month of the year. 2014 was a much better year than 2013, making any improvements difficult.

Jeep’s year to date sales are up 12%, at 73,447, with Cherokee accounting for 2,822 sales in November (up 33%). Dodge Journey had an increase of 39% to 1,583. Minivan sales were 4,626, dominating segment sales in the country, and up 17% over November 2014. Monthly records were set by the Cherokee, Journey, Town & Country (624 minivans vs Dodge’s 4,002), and Jeep as a whole.  Year to date, sales stand at a record 271,100, with Ram Pickup staying as Canada’s #2 vehicle (83,475 sales), beating all of Jeep.

FCA México sales continued their gains into an eleventh month, with total sales of 9,910 — 10% above November 2014. Dodge sales more than doubled, rising 125%; Mitsubishi sales leaped up to 1,481, or 15% of the FCA total; Fiat rose by 9%; and Ram had its best month of the year.


In terms of big-picture relevance, Alfa Romeo, with sales of 27 cars, is still waiting in the wings, while Chrysler, with a mere 519 sales, is not a major force. The Town & Country and 300 both rose.  Likewise, Fiat, with 748 sales, is now at around half of Mitsubishi, despite selling a more complete line than in the US.

Jeep is still above Mitsubishi, with 1,928 sales; Wrangler hit its best month ever, and Patriot was responsible for over a quarter of Jeep  sales (552). Ram was the biggest seller, thanks largely to the Ram 700 — which took 907 of Ram’s 1,972 total sales.

Sales by model will be reported for both Canada and Mexico, for the full 2015 model year, in January.