Unifor members approved three new four-year contracts with FCA Canada on Sunday.


According to Canadian union Unifor, the production and maintenance agreement passed with 70% of the total vote. Nearly 82% of the office, clerical, and engineering group voted in favor of their new deal. The security, fire, and emergency services agreement won in a 91% landslide.

The new contract includes C$331 million (US$251.5 million) in investments. $325 million is earmarked for rebuild of the Brampton paint shop; C$6.4 million (US$4.9 million) will go to upgrades at the Etobicoke Casting Plant.

Workers will receive a $6,000 signing bonus as well as $2,000 bonuses in the second, third and fourth years of the contract. There will also be two 2% pay increases over the life of the contract and new hires will see more money with changes to the progression program, which is similar to the two-tier in the U.S.