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2003 Dodge D3500 4x4 diesel. Have serious competence and honesty issues relating to repair work done by a Texas Hill Country dealer (South of DFW) and cannot get in touch with the zone rep. The dealer refuses to put me in touch with the zone rep and Chrysler's customer service is no help at all. The customer service rep even told me on a recorded line that the zone reps are not in the business of arbitrating customer complaints with dealers. Customer service says get the zone rep contact info from the dealer and the dealer says get the zone rep info from customer service and I'm stuck in the middle. Any ideas?

BTW: I tried the number below and the person who answered said this was a private cell phone and that they were not affiliated with Chrysler Corporation.

Dallas Zone Office
Customer Relations Manager
Chrysler Corporation
2205 Belt Line Road (zip 75006)
P.O. Box 110162
Carrollton, TX 76011-0162
(214) 418-4600
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