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Car wont turn over (oil pump?) 93 shadow 2.2

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alright, I just bought a 1993 shadow 2.2 5 speed. Its sat for 1 year without being started. I started it up, let it idle 20 mind then drove it. I made 6 miles and it started losing speed than picked back up. About a mile later it started a real light shimmy and started dropping speed again. I pushed in clutch and it stalled, but it was slow, not abrupt, and now but its seized.
It started to turn a little after 15 mins, but maybe an inch (talking about cranking). I read online that oil pumps lose prime after sitting. When I pulled the oil cap, it had a little mist flowing out.
My bro owned this car 2 years ago, and I k ow the guy I got it from, so I k ow where its been.

I just wanna know if I'm screwed.
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Take the spark plugs out, put tranny in neutral with the E-Brake on. If starter won't turn it, put a wrench on the crank bolt and see if it will turn the engine. If it won't turn, engine is probably seized.

The oil light should have come on (assuming it is not burned out) if the pump wasn't pumping. Did you see it come on when it started to hesitate? If the cam is broke, leaving a couple of cylinders with the valves totally closed, removing the plugs will allow the starter to spin the engine, plus you can see if any water comes out of the spark plug holes (i.e. hydrolocked from a massive HG failure).
Its seized. Let's hope I can just free the cylinders and just replace pump (or whatever the problem is).
I finally get a 2.2 car and broke it. That's what I get for rushing it home instead of googling common long sitting problems, like I did after it pooped.
If you ran it with no oil pressure and it's truly seized, the engine will probably need a rebuild at the very least. Bearing surfaces and cylinder walls will probably have been damaged. Fortunately, you should be able to get a new motor reasonably cheap if you decide not to rebuild.
Maybe find a used 2.5L and electronics?
Right, that's what I was thinking, higher torque and horsepower. With a light car like a Shadow and a manual, it should be a fun little package, with good fuel economy to boot.
May be hydrophonic seizing, water in the cylinder. Plugs may tell you the story, remove plugs and turn over the engine, check the plugs, usually super clean once water gets in there and basically steam cleans the plugs.
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