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I just rebuilt my engine in mine 3.0 once I was lernded by some of the fine folks on here about how to properly drop the distributor I got it running. Anyways I had some codes to fish through and ordered all new aic, tps, o2, map sensor and egr transducer. As I pretty much had codes for all of them and the ones I did not figured what the heck replace them anyways why I was at it. When I had engine apart I cleaned all of the carbon out of EGR assembly and plenum and tested egr valve. But I had nice smooth idle at start up but once I started driving a little ways check engine light came on and my idle would drop at stops almost to point of dying. Transducer showed up today I installed reset codes and my near dying issue went away so did all my other codes. now I am down to one engine position sensor its amazing what egineers will do to punish you on performance when you are not meeting emission standards in the ECM. Do you have a code for improper exhaust gas measurement when egr opens?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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