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Cargo area door lock switch

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I wish to install a door lock/unlock switch in the rear cargo area of a 2009 Journey SE. I am hoping this is as simple as splicing the wire(s) to the passenger side front door lock switch, routing new wire, mounting switch. Any tips and info is appreciated. The car did not come with keyless entry. I understand aftermarket systems are available but I'd rather have the rear switch.
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It's hard to say if the TIPM would let you get away with it, but you won't know until you try. The TIPM receives a lock/unlock signal from the liftgate switch and then supplies the latch solenoid power. That's the way the factory does it anyways and the TIPM may not like the rear door lock solenoid drawing more than its prescribed current draw.
Do you have the soft-touch liftgate latch release or is it a mechanical latch handle with a key lock cylinder right now? You might want to look for a salvage parts car that has the factory electric release.

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If the TIPM refuses to cooperate and I have to remove the switch it will be worth the effort. Hopefully that's the worst that would happen.
It's a mechanical latch with key lock cylinder and there is no handle or knob on the inside of the liftgate.
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