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I need some assistance locating information on a Chrysler 300 I saw the other day while running errands. I saw a late 80's to mid 90's Chrysler 300; next to the 300 emblem on the passenger side of the trunk, there was also a capitol "CS", underneath the CS I am all but certain that it read "Carroll Shelby"!

I was driving, I was able to get a reasonably good look while it was in the left hand turn lane and I drove by at 15 mph but there remains a small lack of certainty. The body styling was that of a 4 door Thunderbird-ish and the color was two-tone, sea green/blue on top and gray on the bottom.

My good friend owns a newer 300 and I told him about it but he has never heard of such a vehicle. I looked to the internet and found no information also.

Can anyone assist me in determining what is up with what "I saw"?
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