When Dodge introduced the Challenger 1320 last year, the company claimed that the 392-cubic inch-powered Hemi car was capable of covering the quarter mile in the 11.70 range. These track-ready Scat Pack cars have been reaching new owners over the course of the past month or so, and as racers are getting their 1320s to the track, we are learning that the 11.7 figure is easily achievable.


In fact, with two simple changes, one Mopar racer who also has a 2018 Demon (and a classic Demon) got down into the mid-11s, with a best elapsed time of 11.48.

The 1320 Details

For those who are unfamiliar with the Dodge Challenger 1320, it is a cocktail of parts from the Demon and the Scat Pack mixed up to dominate the drag strip on a budget.


Under the hood is a 392-cubic inch Hemi with 485 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque, with all of that power being funneled towards the rear wheels by means of an 8-speed automatic transmission that features the Demon’s TransBrake with Torque Reserve.


The 1320 also comes with a uniquely-tuned Adaptive Damping Suspension system, a lightweight interior that can be ordered with just the driver’s seat and Nexen drag radial tires on special lightweight wheels. Like other 2019 Challengers, the 1320 also has Line Lock to help get the drag radials hot, leading to an “official” quarter mile time of 11.7 at 115 miles per hour.

Simple Upgrades

The B5 Blue Challenger 1320 shown here is owned by Kenzie Holmberg.


She is the daughter of 2018 Demon owner Tim Holmberg and this past weekend, her dad took her brand new Mopar muscle car to the track to see what it would do. She was supposed to come and get some seat time as well, but when she got stuck at work, Tim headed to the track on his own.


Before heading out, he removed the passenger’s seat (this car came equipped with the extra front seat as an option, but no rear seat) and he swapped in a lightweight battery from Darrel Cox Racing. Finally, he removed the front tires of the 1320 package, replacing them with the skinny front-runner wheels and tires from Tim’s F8 Green Demon.


So, this Challenger 1320 had Demon front wheels and tires, a lightweight battery and the lightest factory seating layout when Holmberg headed to the track. The night before, he had to drive the car around a bit to hit the 500-mile break-in point, at which point the Line Lock and TransBrake features were unlocked.

Breaking in the 1320

Tim Holmberg spent two days at the track and with the best air conditions coming during his first run, it was that first run that effectively set the record for the new Challenger 1320. With a Density Altitude of just 140 feet and air temperature around 50 degrees, this B5 Blue muscle car rocketed down the track in just 11.48 seconds at 117.17 miles per hour, lifting the front tires off of the ground on the launch. That was run without the TransBrake, with Holmberg launching from idle with the foot brake, but with the Nexen drag radials at 18pis, this 485-horsepower car ripped the front tires off of the ground en route to smashing Dodge’s factory number.


The air would get worse over the course of the next two days’ worth of runs, but he ended up making a total of 19 runs, the slowest of which was an 11.64 and most runs were in the 11.50s. For the “slower” runs, DA was in the 2,400 range, yet when using the TransBrake, Holmberg was able to pull a 1.62 60-foot time and run his best trap speed of the weekend, hitting 118.26 miles per hour.

Tim Holmberg offered this input on his first night at the track with his daughter’s 1320:
“The car was confused by many as they thought it was a Hellcat, including the announcers from the tower. Some would come up and ask about it, then see the 1320 badge and they would look it up on their phone. There were 2 other Scat Packs (non 1320 cars) running mid 12s with ET Rs scratching their heads. Pretty funny.

Adam (with the purple Demon) and I decided to bracket race later that day for fun. We were placed into the Mod ET class due to running faster than a 12.0. These straight up race cars were laughing and questioning us as to why we were in their class and we told them because we were faster than a 12.0. The looks were great. Most loved it and said Dodge clearly has done things with the drag racer in mind. If I didn’t red light or breakout, I could have went on for a while, I believe! It was fun! Can’t beat it for $40k! What car with give you 11s for that price tag! The kid is really excited since it will probably go faster with her in it!”
Tim also included all of the images shown here, along with the two videos. As you can likely tell from the video, these were captured via Snapchat, so there is an odd bar across then middle with the times display – and the videos are cut off – but the both show how well the 1320 gets off of the line.


This is proof that in realistic conditions, the new Challenger 1320 can run considerably quicker times than the 11.7 quoted by Dodge. Of course, Holmberg had the lightweight battery and Demon front wheels/tires, but for such simple changes, 11.48 is mighty quick for an otherwise stock car.