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Challenger 3.5 towing

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Need to tow 3800 lbs max, 3000 LB travel trailer with 500lbs of gear + - food and a bit of water. I see the Cad SRX 2.8 is rated 3500lbs:

I think the 3.5 should do it but that 4 speed trans would be the limiting factor. Can I bolt in a stand alone automatic 3 speed torqueflite etc? Want to be emissions legal at a roadside test. I plan to travel up and down the East Coast so its basically flat. Any suggestions. rear from a magnum wagon comes to mind. A full time SUV is out of the question.

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There's more to it than transmission. Rear suspension, brakes, cooling are also critical. For what you need to do you need to either rent or buy something else entirely.

You cannot use a three speed transmission even if that were the only limiting factor.

Some of the minivans will tow that weight comfortably.
"Has to be styiin machine I tow with, minivan is out"

The problem here is not the tow rating or the car.
That 5000lbs for the 67/68 and such is dependent on the proper equipment. HD springs, brakes, radiator, transmission cooler. Full size cars in the U.S. used to be the same chassis a 1/2T P/Us. Or to look at it the other way, 1/2T P/Us used the same brakes wheels, tires, axles as the full size cars.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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