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jerseyjoe said:
Am a lowing novice as far as the mechanicals go, Did tow a lot with pickups that were set up for that.

Found class II carrier with a tong weight of 350lbs ant tow rating of 3500 lbs. Brakes, suspension, and cooling can be fixed. Trans is my main question, there is a stand alone 6 speed for racing, wondering about trans adapter. Cant really see the difference between a magnum and a challenger as far as platform design except for wheel base. Would I have to reinforce the rear sub frame? Has to be styiin machine I tow with, minivan is out.
The carrier is rated for 3500 lbs, but that doesn't mean the car is.

Whatever "improvements" you do, you cannot exceed the Combined Gross Vehicle Weight Rating - total weight of the tow vehicle, trailer and everything in them. This should be on the door sticker. The CGVWR is the legal definition of what you can do. Found to be overweight and you can be cited.

There are also insurance and warranty concerns.

Best to find another vehicle that can tow what you need to tow.
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