FCA is recalling a number of its 2019 big cars because of an apparent programming error that causes the instrument cluster to stop working, while the vehicle is in motion. The company has started to notify owners, and will update the instrument cluster software for free as part of recall V32 (Federal recall 19V203000).  Fewer than 10,000 vehicles are affected, globally.

2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320

The fix requires the Chrysler wiTECH scan tool and an accurate standalone voltmeter. California residents will need a proof of correction form, too. The company figures the whole job will take from 0.2 to 0.6 hours.

The Dodge Dart is gone but not forgotten, as well; the full run of New Darts with six-speed automatics is being recalled because the shifter cable bushing may fail, allowing the shift cable to come off; this can result in a crash, particularly if the driver shifted into Park.

Indicators of failure include far less effort needed to move the shifter, and all gear indicators being lit regardless of the shifter position. There will also be alerts if the driver’s door is open when the shifter is in the Park position, but the transmission isn’t actually in Park (Park prevents the car from rolling).

This recall (FCA #V34, NHTSA #19V293000) is slated to start in late May, and affects, globally, over 300,000 cars. The dealer will replace the transmission side shifter cable housing at no cost to the customer; the housing includes a new bushing.

The issue, apparently caused by insufficiently durable parts from Dura Automotive, has apparently affected around 10,000 cars; there have been 2,344 paid repairs, 1,242 CAIRs, and “6,579 other available vehicle service narratives.” Customers who already paid for the repair should get reimbursed on request.