One week ago, Geoff Turk flew his “Blackbird” Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak  all the way to the winner’s circle at the 17th Annual National Muscle Car Association (NMCA) World Street Finals at Indianapolis. He also wrapped up the 2018 Holley EFI Factory Super Cars class championship.

geoff turk 2018 drag pak

After his wife, Sandy, had serious health issues requiring extensive treatment, Turk doubted he would compete at all during the 2018 NMCA season. At the last minute, he entered his “Blackbird” Challenger Drag Pak in the season-opener; with little time to prep his car, Turk still etched his name in the record books, becoming the first driver to break into the seven-second range (7.996 seconds  at 170.10 mph). Turk’s car has the supercharged, 354-cubic-inch, Hemi engine.

Turk notched up another win before having mishaps at three events, hurting is points standing. Then his wife, Sandy, was able to make it to the race — and he soared to the top of the qualifying charts. His  7.984-second run set a new class record, and was the only sub-eight second pass of qualifying. With the championship locked down after the third round, Turk marched to the final, where despite a 120-ft wheelie he was able to work an 8.06 pass.

Turk said, “[The season is] special in so many ways, but it’s special most of all that Sandy was able to be at the last race. She couldn’t be there at Bradenton or Atlanta, and for her to be there and be a part of what happened was by far the best. Second best was doing the wheelie in the final, yanking it back to the centerline, pulling the gearshift and watching (his opponent) disappear out of my side view.”