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Challenger Window Cold-Weather issue

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My son bought a new Chall this fall & now that cold weather is here the automatic down/up function on the windows when opening the door isn't working. He says it's alright when the temps are warm/car is warm, but when cold they don't work properly. I hadn't heard of this before, he says Camaro & Mustang owners have indicated similar problems. Any cure?
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It's possible the system automatically stops operating when the temp is near or below freezing, to avoid burning out the motors if the windows are frozen shut!
There's a relearn procedure for the window lowering that may help.

My windows lower when the door is opened regardless of temperature. I had them try to stick a few times so now I dry the weatherstripping and window edges every time I wash the car in the winter.
There is no temperature sensor per se, but there is a 'pinch limit' feature for safety. If the glass encounters an object it will stop and reverse 200 mm. The door modules can store fault codes for the dealer if there is a control defect.
Excessive friction in the glass linkage, guides or weatherstrips can trigger the pinch-limit feature when it shouldn't. See your dealer.
Ours is a 2010, and we had the same issue the first cold snap. What we did to cure it, was to apply some "Rain-X" to the glass for about an inch or so above were the door seal and glass meet. One applacation works for ours all winter.
Friction, then...
Rain-X on the glass is good, like silicone spray on rubber. Both keep water from adhering to the surfaces and act as a 'lubricant'.
I suppose just another safety / tech feature that contributes to cost and curb weight of new vehicles. (sigh) Problem solved but I wish to add that you can do wonders for ALL side glass that moves up or down, whether motorized or manually operated. Rain-X is just another brand name, a good product, but almost any other car polish-wax will work just as well. Decades ago I would use the old garden-variety Turtle Wax over body parts, plexi, AND regular glass with excellent results. Even with progressive formula changes they all still work and do not get fooled by people who say that the silicones will cause the (glass) surfaces to smear. In colder weather it is the lack of drying time of whatever product that will be noticeable unless you take time to buff it off well. I also find it convenient to carry one of the popular spray - detailing products at all times, kept in trunk or under seat, to 'freshen-up' the glass en-route as necessary. I am currently using Simoniz's Spray Wax Detailer (because it was on sale) and it works as well as the competition. Oh, and another tip, primarily for the older classics with sluggish window operation, is to examine and lubricate the linkages and mechanisms since these areas inevitably get dry and sticky which in turn impedes the window (up - down) functions. You will notice this when a slippery glass surface alone does not make window operation any better. :)
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