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challenging challenger issues,,,, any ideas ?

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ok i could be nuts . at least thats how the service guys look at me !

i have 2010 rt classic 5.7 6 speed

it has 2400 miles on it as of today . i have been to the dealer over 4 times for problems that they cannot solve or are so common no one else notices but picky old me.
the problems are

1. ticking from the engine ,, they its air in the lifters,, they did a bleed procedure,,,i just drove the car 60 miles home and its still there,,

2. when shifting into 4th gear under hard accel theres a crunching or scrunch,, when u let the clutch out,. only into 4th .. is this normal

3. slight hesitations and lack of power intermitently,,, it stutters or seems to miss ,, never sets a trouble code,, seems to do it more when cold or warming up.. does it with traction control on or off..

are these common or am i toooo picky, ?? any body else have the same issues ??
its been this way since i bought it off the showroom floor.. ive gotten chrysler involved but so far in gettin no where,

also tonite when i got it home i noticed that when u rev the engine to 3000 or so and let it go back to idle the headlights will dim or slight flicker at the lowest idle point,, ??

and theres a slight vibration in the engine revving about 2100 -2300 it goes away at higher rpms and is smooth up to that point.

the ticking noise seems to be louder at listening behind the frt wheel under the car than under the hood ..
also , oil pressure is only 31 psi when warm at idle,,

looking for any feed back

any help would be greatly appreciated... its driving me nuts

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31 PSI warm at idle is very good. With so few miles since purchase, I'd expect your fuel to be very low quality. The ticking you here could just be coil noise; quite normal. Dimming lights at return to idle sounds normal, due to less alternator speed.

Hey idahomopar
1. I own a 2009 6.1 challenger 6 peed and the engine ticks at idle more when its cold ,my solution to that is get and nail the gas pedal and squeel the tires to overcome the ticking noise .I garentee that feeling of raw horse power will make you forget about the tick , Trust me on this.
2. the crunching clutch in 4 th ,I dont have clue ! . Mine tends to grind a little 1to 2 ,maybe the sincronizer rings in the tranny need more wear I only have 2100 miles on it.
3. The misfire could be a bad spark plug or coil pack that is not setting a code.I guessing that an RT classic 6 peed manual has no MDS , Some owners with MDS have reported bogging or hesitation at certain times when accelerating from a coasting speed . chrysler sais its normal.

And remember the the cure for the infamous HEMI TICK !

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My comments:
- some degree of ticking is normal - so hard to say with out hearing it - lifters, injectors, coils... I have noticed a lifter tick on cold start on my Charger 3.5 but not on the SRT 6.1. Never owned a 5.7. Oil pressure definitely sounds fine - maybe even higher than I'd expect
- my SRT is a 6 speed also - definitely the 4th gear crunch does not sound right - I never hear anything from my tranny or clutch - what I like to listen for in 4th is the tires chirp on a hard shift but nothing else
- hesitation does not sound right either - my 6.1 runs best cold - the MDS comment makes be wonder if that could be programmable - could it be set on yours when its not supposed to be on a standard?
- slight headlight intensity drop at idle is normal I think - I often look at it as a sign that the alternator is working - if you are discharging at idle thats a different matter and may indicate a failed rectifier. Years ago I had a bike that had frequent alternator troubles and that was my sign - if the headlight did not brighten slightly on revs
- vibration - yes my 6.1 has a vibration just under 1500 RPM - I have decided that one is just be being fussy too - its only under no load.
I do think you have a couple things to follow up.
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