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Change in posting reports of events

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Effective immediately....

No one is to 'represent' Allpar without consent of Dave, owner of This is a simple matter of contacting Dave via PM or email and requesting the ability to represent Allpar for a specific event. Each different event would need a separate approval. This applies to everyone who may report on an event regardless of past permission or implied permission.

Currently unless you have express consent of Dave, no one is permitted to represent at any event.

Event reports are encouraged and welcome of course and the more the better. However, these should be submitted first to Dave or me so it can be guaranteed that no copyrighted material is used. This includes photos. If you have original photos be sure to give us your name for photo credit.

It will be up to Dave as to what material is permitted.

At no time is material to be copied from other websites without consent and permission of the owners of that site.

Should there be any questions regarding this please be sure to contact me via PM.