2013 Dodge Charger Daytona

While Dodge is bringing back the Charger Daytona, with unique Daytona Blue paint (black, white, and silver are also available), it's doing it in numbers reminiscent of the very-limited-edition original: just 1,800 will be made for the 2013 model year. The Daytona has unique 20-inch wheels, the 3.06:1 rear axle, a satin black grille, high-speed engine controller, satin black spoiler, hood graphics, and roof wrap, Beats audio, numbered dash plaque, Sport mode, two seat options, and other features to set it apart from the standard Dodge Charger R/T. Buyers will pay a $2,500 (or higher) premium for the car.

Dodge expects most Daytonas to be ordered in Daytona Blue, with nearly half to be ordered with the Super Track Pak.

As for the Challenger R/T, it will gain the two-stripe Dodge logo “hood to fender” stripe in each of six colors, including glossy white. The stripe adds $295 to the price. R/T Classic, which remains priced at $33,995 -- less than Camaro 2SS or Mustang GT Premium -- gets new 20-inch polished aluminum wheels with black-painted pockets as standard equipment. It comes with dual R/T side stripes, the script-style Challenger badge, functional hood scoops, HID headlamps, heated Nappa leather seats, Boston Acoustics speakers, parking camera, and garage-door opener.  (Thanks to oh2o for this report.)