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Charger SRT Banshee Concept to be a 4 door?

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Look at this image. Judging from this image you can see a clear size difference between the new Charger SRT Banshee concept and the current Challenger. To me this clearly shows that the new Charger concept will morph to a 4 door for the production vehicle.
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Could it be the Charger will be a 4door and 2 door? That would allow the Challenger to be smaller and more nimble.
Not that I believe this will be the case, there can be a case (and a precedent) for Charger becoming the Dodge sub-brand, line Wagoneer is to Jeep now. Want a 2-door EV, Get the Charger. Want 4 door muscle? Get the Charger L. Need even more room? Get the Charger X.

As far as Challenger, I think we will be hard-pressed to see it go the way of Mustang with the 2 door coupe and the Mach-E CUV.

Now, until things change, we will certainly be getting ICE power in some form with the Hurricane, so the question remains is whether Challenger stays ICE-powered, or they are twins again (identical powertrains).

An interesting thought might be this (based on my earlier speculation that Challenger will be hybrid, and Charger becomes BEV): What if there will be 2 Halo Dodge variants in a few years. We get the Banshee for the Charger, but Challenger gets a 3.0 Hurricane TT with PHEV. That could be enough to be at least faster than the original Hellcat, while still retaining the visceral feeling of a powerful combustion engine.
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