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Charger SRT Banshee Concept to be a 4 door?

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Look at this image. Judging from this image you can see a clear size difference between the new Charger SRT Banshee concept and the current Challenger. To me this clearly shows that the new Charger concept will morph to a 4 door for the production vehicle.
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Behind a paywall but maybe someone here has a subscription. View attachment 90461
I don't have a subscription but if you read HTML code, you can find the full story.

This APS forecasting group basically says that the Windsor Assembly Plant would host STLA Large mainly for BEV's and that Stellantis has not disclosed any future product mandates for Brampton or Windsor. Also that the next-generation Charger and Challenger will be built exclusively in Windsor likely with battery-electric, hybrid and ICE powertrains, while some unknown BEV Jeep model was planned for Brampton. Also sounds like the new Charger Challenger cars may share platforms with the next-generation minivan?

Even the union hasn't been told but expects the details to come up during contract talks expected next year.
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