Since its launch in 2005, the Dodge Charger has been included in the U.S. government’s annual safety ratings list ten times, and each time, it earned an overall score of five stars. The latest five-star award is for the 2017 cars.

Both the all wheel drive and rear wheel drive versions were evaluated for the 2017 model years; both had the highest possible overall rating.


The Charger now has optional forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking at all speeds. It uses both radar and cameras to avoid missing targets, as Tesla’s AutoPilot did when, according to Tesla, the truck blended into the background.

The first step when the camera and radar both see an incoming impact is to pre-charge the brakes, bringing the pads closer to the rotors, and to alert the driver with both sounds and lights. The next step is a tactile alert, a brief tap of the brakes cutting the speed by up to 3 mph.  Finally, the system hits the brakes, and can fully stop the car at speeds below 25 mph.

The “sensor-fusion technology” (both radar and cameras) is sold by FCA US in cars from small SUV to minivans. The Charger and some other FCA US cars also have lane departure warning and automatic lane-holding; the driver can set the level of steering input through the touch-screen.