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Charging Woes (again)

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Hi - Having some issues with what I think is the alternator. I noticed a few weeks ago that an odd noise began to come from under the hood. To me, it sounds like a grinding noise but its loud and it has got progressively worse.

I'm also seeing fluctuations in the voltmeter. I got a check gauge light, and it was overcharging. I've had this problem before and it was a sign that the alternator was on its way out. I took the alternator out and had it tested, but it tested OK. I spin it on the table and it spins freely with no noise. But I swear it was making that loud noise while it was being tested.

I took it out again today, took it apart and found a thin piece of metal had broken that goes around the rear bearing. I removed it and put it back together. Put it back in and drove it...still makes the noise, can even hear it inside the car over the engine going down the road. I watched the voltmeter and it stays in the normal range so long as you keep the revs up...stop and the volts go way down and the car seems like it wants to die. But get going again and its fine.

Is this a symptom of a bad bearing, like its trying to seize but is OK if its going fast enough? If so, why don't I hear something when I spin it on a bench?

I also see that overcharging indicates a bad power/logic module. But in my experience, its these alternators that are junk and cause these problems.

I replaced the alternator in October of last year...I know because I asked some questions about my problem back then. Time to find a new alternator and forget these rebuilt AutoZone things. Any suggestions on where to get a new one? Any aftermarket ones that hook up with little or no modification? This is the external fan type with black back piece 90 there another alternator I can swap in from a Chrysler that would work too?