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Welcome to Allpar. Is it a front end rubbery squeak or a metallic squeak? If you can straddle a curb and have someone gently jounce the car while you can locate the noise source, that would greatly help guide suggestions to the proper repair. Sometimes you can feel for the 'squeak' through your fingers easier than listening for its source.
The front rubber sway bar bushings were known for 'creaks and squawks' over bumps at the crossmember. Also 'thumps' on the outer control arm ends as the round hole for the bar wore into an oval-shape.
The rubber bushings weren't supposed to be greased, but a silicone grease may be friendlier to rubber. They should come out for that if the bracket bolts can still be turned. The bolts have threadlock on them, so a little heat may soften the dope enough to remove them. Bushing replacement was the suggested repair, but see what you can find out first.
I believe that the only grease fittings were tie rod ends and ball joints. Check these for wear and/or play. 'Lifetime lubricated' didn't necessarily mean that the part would last forever.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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