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ImperialCrown said:
The problem may be in the cowl under the wipers with left and right side plugged cowl drain into the front fenders if you park near any trees. The HVAC box may be fine, but tree debris can also enter inside and plug the exit before the drain hose. By flipping down the glove box door and gently pulling open the rectangular rubber evap temp probe grommet, you can take a look inside. Don't tug on the delicate probe wires.
If you are going to disassemble the dash for the first time, you better have a FSM to answer all your questions. The A/C has to be reclaimed and the coolant drained. It is a big job.
I was afraid you might say that. I would like to avoid removing the dashboard, but I do not know if there is another way to clean inside of there and fix things. It smells horrible after a rain or snow storm, like wet dog. It always smells like mold too, and there is restricted airflow to the heater side. When the heater is on, I smell coolant, and there is a film left on my windsheild from the coolant steaming on my windsheild from the defrost vent. My passenger side air vent has completely quit working, and there is no way to turn it off or on. I have tried to re-calibrate the airflow direction door motor, but no matter what I do, air seems to be coming out of the floor vents, and the defrost vents blow air when anything with the "feet" option is selected. 18 years of dirt are probably in there. I have a personal mechanic I could pay to evacuate my AC, then pull a vacuum and fill it back up for me when I am done since I do not have $150+ dollars for a vacuum pump, gagues, and recovery tank. I already have to replace the thermostat in the engine and the heater core for the leak, so the coolant needs drained anyway.

Bob Lincoln said:
If the car has sat for a month or so at any time, mice could have nested in the airbox. I bought a used car that had the A/C evaporator blocked with underhood insulation. I opened the airbox at the fan and reached in and pulled out hunks, then combed the fins. If this happened to you, insulation or other nest debris could be blocking the drain pipe.
Yeah, there are signs that this car sat. For a long time. Like a few years. I am certain that the TCM copped an attitude and the previous owner (only one owner before me) gave up. Then finally decided it was time to sell the Cirrus. Which is why I got a car with a failed TCM that worked perfectly on a test drive, but died after I drove it home. I can try and do what you said, and maybe I will get lucky. I have had cars that needed the air box unit removed and taken apart in order to take out the fan motor, I hope that isn't the case for this car. The AC drain pipe was working last fall, and I had this water problem then too. I could write a book on all the problems this car is giving me. But it runs GREAT when it's running well, and I am going to attempt to repair what I can.
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