ride and drive

Chrysler has two ride-along experiences available at the Chicago Auto Show.

One of the experiences is for Jeep, which includes Wrangler Rubicon and Grand Cherokee. The course goes through ground clearance and  a 30-degree stability tilt first, showing off Wrangler’s stability and clearance.

The Wrangler then went over the suspension portion of the track, where it traveled over rough terrain and rocks. The ride was surprisingly smooth considering the roughness of the terrain. The sway bar disconnect allowed the Rubicon have all four wheels on the ground through the articulation test’s uneven surface.


The Wrangler then went up a 35-degree ramp, about 24 feet high. On the other side, going down at 35 degrees, the hill descent mode was demonstrated. Accessible only in 4-Low, it allows the driver to let off the brakes and let the computer take over.

The other ride-along experience, the “City Drive,” provided the choice of a Dodge Charger, Fiat 500, Dodge Durango, and Chrysler 300C. During the first part of the course, the driver talked about the quality of the vehicle, followed by a slight weaving demonstrating agility.

Next was a discussion of gas mileage and a demonstration on how well the windows isolate sounds from the outside. Outside, music was playing at about 85 decibels, while with the windows rolled up, inside it was in the low 70s. The performance part of the course was next, where the vehicle accelerated to a certain speed and immediately braked at a particular point. That’s where, in the video (coming next week), the camera suddenly jerks upward.