Earlier this week, FCA announced that their new Chinese joint venture plant in Guangzhou had started making the Jeep Renegade. Yesterday, during the financial conference call, a company spokesman said that joint-venture Jeep Cherokee sales had already reached 9,000 per month, a hefty rate.


The Jeep Renegade is made in Italy, Brazil, and China, and some believe it will eventually be made in Mexico as well, alongside the Jeep Compass and a small Chrysler car. (The photo shows a Cherokee in a major Chinese facility.)

Update: Despite the success of the Cherokee and Jeep in general (up by 17%), total FCA sales in China were stable over the quarter.

Sergio Marchionne added:
We'll start production of the Renegade... during the month of May on a full-blast basis. We are now running the plant in Changsha, which makes Fiat, but also makes the Cherokee...  well above initial rates. We expect to sell probably in excess of 100,000 cars there this year.