Forbes recently featured the Chinese Jeep Renegade, which went into production earlier this year, on its web site, noting that first quarter Jeep sales in China were already at 33,500 without it. In 2015, total Jeep sales were 64,000 in the vast nation.

The price starts at  ¥141,800, or US$21,540; the most expensive model sold now starts at  ¥178,800 (US$27,160). Current buyers get a seven speed Fiat dual-clutch automatic with the Fiat T-Jet 1.4 liter gasoline engine; the 106 hp version is standard, with a 148 hp optional. The Chrysler 2.0 engine (153 hp) is coming later, with the nine-speed automatic.

The Renegade is being positioned as a fun car, with eleven paint colors.  That said, the tag line, according to  Jeep’s Chinese web site , is “Professional Level.” Shown in both Mandarin and English, the phrase is used with each attribute, such as Professional Level Security and Professional Level Exploration. Renegade itself comes across as “Freedom Man.”

Jeep Renegade Warcraft edition (China)

A “Warcraft Limited” version, based on World of Warcraft, is sold in blue and red versions — red for tribal edition, blue for union version. The tribal car proclaims, in English “Fight for the Horde” on the hood. Only 666 of these will be made.

The Chinese site has “Build & Price” up but may be slow for viewers from across the globe.  (Thanks, Hank600ES)