With sedan sales falling to crossovers in the US, Chrysler is re-evaluating its lineup, according to a recent FCA investor file.

At the moment, Chrysler has three vehicles — 200, 300, and Town & Country — one of which is new, one refreshed, and one soon to be replaced. A compact Chrysler 100 was scheduled for launch.

300 sales fell when the car was given a higher base price (and trim level), but it is likely still profitable given decent sales and brothers-under-the-skin at Dodge. However, the company may be re-thinking its replacement, rumored (without much evidence) to be a larger front-wheel-drive setup. It’s also possible that the 100 has come under scrutiny.

The near future also holds two likely crossovers for Chrysler: a replacement for the Dodge Journey and a Pacifica-like vehicle based on the new minivan.