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Chrysler Cars, Minivans, and Trucks Owned by Celebrities

While Chrysler has not usually had the benefit of the kind of hype that surrounds the Mustang and Corvette, they have attracted a number of admirable and sensible people who could have any car they wanted.

See Mopars of: Civil Leaders and StatesmenMoviesTVSong

The list of show folk: musicians

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Classic car Full-size car

PersonNotable Car(s)Note
Randy BachmanDrove a Dodge B-Van (Ram Van) when touring with Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Then-dealer-employee J.P. Joans worked on it in Florida.4
Richard Carpenter "Carpenters" member owned 300 letter-cars, Road Runners, Chargers, Imperials, and more4
Johnny Cash1954 Plymouth Savoy was "the best car I ever owned." Had other Mopars. 3
Snoop Dog2004 300C4
Mylene FarmerFrench singer-songwriter-actress drove an LHS4
Funkmaster Flex1971 Plymouth Duster 340 and 1969 Dodge Charger R/T6
Waylon Jennings1969 "General Lee" Dodge Charger (built for The Dukes of Hazzard)5
John LennonGreen 1972 Chrysler station wagon; he said he had an emotional attachment to the wagon. Yoko Ono replaced it with a Mercedes 300 despite John's liking for the Chrysler. Auctioned in 2011.
Susie MacNellyThe artist who draws comic "Shoe" owns a restored 1959 DeSoto Firedome; so does the main character, "Professor" Cosmo Fishhawk
All members of NSyncPlymouth Prowlers4
Jim MorrisonRock group Doors' front-man drove a 1968 Dodge Charger from late 1969 to March 1971.4
Marky RamoneOwned the 1965-Imperial-based Green Lantern car; crashed it in the 1990s (Marky Ramone is actually Marc Bell)*
Jon Schneider1969 "General Lee" Hemi Dodge Charger; he also drove the close-up General Lee. "He recently dropped
in a overbored
Hemi and is racing it in amateur events. The car averaged 152.18 mph at a recent event (see Muscle Car
Frank SinatraC300; 1981 Imperial; Imperial converted to limo (still owned by the family); Ghia-built 1957 Chrysler.4, 9
Kenny Wayne Shepherd2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8, 1969 Xtreme Dodge Charger, 1970 Plymouth Duster, 1972 Dodge Charger4
Show folk: actors, movie and TV folk, sports folk, writers, and such

Viper owners.

  • Actors: Tom Cruise, Kelsey Grammer, David Hasselhoff, Hulk Hogan (if it has a script, it's acting), Jay Leno, Charlie Sheen, Roseann Barr, Nicholas Cage.
  • Singers: Justin Timberlake, LeeAnn Rhimes, Alan Jackson (who reportedly got it while on tour).

Motor vehicle Classic Car Vehicle Classic car

Mopar-powered Facel Vega owners: Pablo Picasso, Christian Dior, Stirling Moss (racer), Ringo Starr, Fred Astair, Dean Martin, Tony Curtis, Ava Gardner, François Truffaut (12)

PersonNotable Car(s)Note
Ben AffleckDodge Ram4
Danny Bilson (Viper TV show maker) 2000 Dodge Caravan5
Major BowesThe national radio celebrity owned a Chrysler Airflow CW
Tom Brady The Patriots quarterback owned a Dodge Ram4
Paget BrewsterActress, Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU: 2001 PT Cruiser (reported in 2012 TV Guide.)4
Pearl S. Buck(Writer) Imperial 4
Joe DiMaggio According to Frank Gentile, was driving an Imperial in 1972-73 4
Michael Thomas Dunn1970 Plymouth Barracuda, 1973 Plymouth Duster, Daytona Turbo, SRT-4, Dakota R/T. "He won't drive a non-Mopar."6
James Garner(Rockford Files, Maverick, etc): Raced Jeeps offroad; sponsored a successful 1970s AMC Rambler off-road racer4
"Red Green"Dodge Viper, Ram truck4
Tom Hanks2001 PT Cruiser5
Hulk Hogan 1994 Viper and 1996 Viper GTS; was seen driving a 1968 Charger.4, 7
Bob HopeFavored Chryslers - and was often sponsored by Chrysler. 4
Don Johnson1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda - he may have sold it at auction 5
Jay Leno1993 Viper R/T, 1996 Viper, and many others5
Larry the Cable GuyDodge Ram Laramie4
Albert Namatjira"Australia's most famous indigenous artist" drove a Dodge truck 4
Burt Reynolds1981-83 Imperial converted to limo; seen in STICK, Canonball Run II, and Sharkey's Machine. Sold it to the current owner in 1985.9
Ginger RogersDeSoto spokeswoman, claimed to own one
Mickey RooneyFamed actor (see full article) posed with '41 Plymouth; in 2002, drove a Jeep Cherokee?3
Ed Sanchez (Blair Witch filmmaker) 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee5
Kevin Smith (director) White Neon - seen in Chasing Amy - mentioned in commentary.4
Morgan SpurlockProducer/Director of Supersize Me owned and drove a Chrysler minivan throughout the film
Brooke ShieldsDodge 400, other convertibles. Chrysler presented her with the first (1982?) LeBaron.
Paulie Teutel (American Chopper) Dodge Ram; his mother drives a Prowler4

PersonWho Are They? Notable Car(s)Note
Huntington HartfordA&P leaderChrysler Airflow CW, according to Hershey Museum5
Milton S. HersheyChocolatier1937 Chrysler Custom Imperial Airflow5
Howard HughesBusinessman, flier Imperials including a 1954 New Yorker with AirTemp air conditioning and special filtration3,4
Lee IaccocaChrysler CEO; Ford exec Could have just about any Ford and Chrysler products he wanted; in 2000, he was driving a PT Cruiser though a top end Ford was in his garage. .
Kirk Kerkorian Money shufflerHis MGM Grand had a fleet of emerald first-generation Chrysler LHS limousines; he used them when in town 4
Carl and Margaret KarcherFounders of Hardee's and Carl's Jr.Took out a loan on their 1941 Plymouth to start their first business (in 1945). 3
Name forgottenPresident of Fram before the United Technologies buyoutJeep Wagoneer (kept by his family for years afterwards)

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vintage car Classic

PersonWho Are They? Notable Car(s)Note
Buzz AldrinAstronaut Viper8
Edward TellerA-bomb leader 1940s Plymouth4
Amelia EarhartPioneering pilot1929 Chrysler 7511
Neta SnookEarhart's flight teacher1966 Plymouth Valiant
Richard FeynmanTheoretical physicist, writer1975 Dodge Tradesman Maxivan with painted Feynman diagrams4
Military Men

Also see General Eisenhower, General Powell, and Admiral Blanco above. General George C. Marshall called the Willys Jeep "America's greatest contribution to modern warfare."

General Douglas MacArthur 1950 Imperial 8 passenger limo4
General Pershing (U.S.)Used Dodge cars to chase Pancho Villa - cars performed flawlessly in the desert. Villa was killed in his own Dodge.1

See Mopars of: Civil Leaders and StatesmenMoviesTVSong

Movie cars

Jim Benjaminson noted two Chrysler-based movie camera cars, pictured in George Dammann's 70 Years of Chrysler book. The 1947 was made by Paramount, using a new Crown Imperial sedan front; just behind the center post, a Dodge truck rear chassis was welded in. The 1949 was built by MGM, using a cut-down eight-passenger Crown Imperial, built for MGM; it could have a roadster style top, and was engineered by Chrysler itself for the job.

Contributors / notes

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  12. Hagerty magazine (Facel Vega owner list)

* John Rush

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