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Chrysler Cars, Minivans, and Trucks Owned by Statesmen

A number of Chrysler Corporation vehicles have been owned by government leaders and statesmen. While Chrysler has not usually had the benefit of the kind of hype that surrounds the Mustang and Corvette, they have attracted a number of admirable and sensible people who could have any car they wanted.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Classic car Coupé

President Franklin D. Roosevelt (U.S., 1933-1945) owned various Plymouths and a DeSoto, though as a wealthy man, he could easily afford Imperials. (3)
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vintage car Classic

President Harry S Truman (U.S., 1945-1953) owned a Dodge Polara, but normally stuck with Chryslers. In 1998, Chrysler restored the Trumans' 1941 Royal Club coupe and 1941 Windsor sedan (they are at the Truman Library).
Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Classic

Truman got a 1953 New Yorker when he returned home to Independence; his daughter Margaret went to her wedding in a 1955 New Yorker. (4) Casey Creason told us that Truman's 1953 New Yorker and his 1960 Chrysler are both still around.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Classic car Full-size car

General Dwight D. Eisenhower,
U.S. President (1953-61), used a 1956 Chrysler Imperial as his official car; he bought a 1958 Dodge while in office. He also owned a 1940 Chrysler Royal, 1949 Chrysler Windsor, and 1968 Imperial LeBaron. One of his cars is in the Las Vegas Imperial Palace car museum.

President Barack Obama (U.S., 2009-17) had a Jeep Cherokee as his first car; he bought a new 2000 Dodge Neon, then, as a senator, a new Chrysler 300C, which he sold shortly before his presidential campaign.

PersonNotable Car(s)
President John F. Kennedy, USPhotographed in a 1961 Plymouth convertible, during the late stages of his campaign (3). Reportedly drove a 1962 Dodge Dart owned by one of his brothers (Joe?), two days before he died. (2)
Golda Meir, Israel PM 1970s Dodge Polara or Monaco (2)
David Ben-Gurion, Israel PM1963 Dodge Polara (in museum) (1)
Admiral Carrero Blanco, Spain PMDodge Dart (was killed by a car bomb in it) (1)
President Venustiano Carranza, MexicoDodge Brothers car (was assassinated in it) (1)
President Quezon, PhilippinesChrysler Airflow (6)
King Christian X, DenmarkChrysler Airflow (6)
President Ronald Reagan, USDodge Ramcharger, Jeep CJ6, other Dodges and Jeeps
Presidential Candidates and First Ladies

PersonNotable Car(s)
Sen. Bob DoleChrysler LHS or New Yorker
Gov. Michael Dukakis1974 Plymouth Valiant (no power steering) (2)
First Lady Mamie Eisenhower1962 Plymouth Valiant; President Eisenhower gave a Chrysler to Mamie's uncle.
First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy1960 Imperial Ghia limousine (4)
Senator/Sec. of State John KerryChrysler 300M Special (2003); LeBaron convertible (4)
Other Leading Politicians

PersonNotable Car(s)
Jerry Brown, California governorDropped Ronald Reagan's limo in favor of a plain blue 1974 Plymouth Satellite with a 318 for his first term.
Jim Doyle, Wisconsin Governor Chrysler Town & Country (4)
Jim Douglas
and Doug Racine
In the 2002 election, Gov. Douglas owned a Neon, while challenger Doug Racine owned a Jeep dealership. Douglas won re-election. (4)
Fiorello La Guardia, NYC MayorChrysler Airflow CW (6)
Harriet Myers,
Supreme Court nominee
Chrysler 300 (4)
General Colin Powell, Secretary of StateDrove his new 2001 PT Cruiser to the State Department
Pancho Villa The Mexican revolutionary was killed in 1923 while driving a Dodge Brothers car.
Gov. William WeldJeep Grand Cherokee (2)
Bobby Kennedy, U.S. Attorney GeneralRed Chrysler convertible (3)

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